Big HonzaLand

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Minnesota Czech Country
Home of Big Honza Giganticzech
(Minnesota’s Newest Legend)

Big Honza

Big HonzaLand is located in Montgomery, Minnesota. It’s the birthplace of  fabled Big Honza Giganticzech, now referred to as Big Honza.

It is also where the book, Honza the Great, originated. The book is a TALL tale about a LARGE man and is dedicated to all the people of this world who love to laugh–the ones who take themselves lightly and encourage others to do the same.
Buy the book - it’s an easy read that will have you laughing; and who doesn’t need a good laugh?!)

Big HonzaLand hosts group day tours during the spring, summer and fall.
Group Day Tour information here.

Big Honza’s Museum of Unnatural History is a treasure-trove of artifacts that will tickle your funny bone.
Museum information here.

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